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House Bat Droppings Identification

Bat Or Mouse Poop?

House Bat Droppings Identification

  • Length ¼” to ½”
  • Blackish in color and even old droppings glisten
  • Ends are blunt and not pointed like mouse droppings
  • Fresh droppings break and crumble easily unlike mouse droppings
  • Shiny insect parts are easily seen

House Mouse Droppings Identification

  • Length ⅛” to ¼”.
  • Blackish in color, old droppings dull, fresh droppings may glisten.
  • One or both ends pointed.
  • Fresh droppings are soft with a putty-like texture.
  • Often contain rodent hairs.

Give the Excluded Bats a Place to Live

If you’re trying to encourage bats around your farm, vineyard, home, ranch, or public areas bat houses are a great investment. Ask us today about our Bat Houses and installation.

If it seems your bats have left for the winter, they may have chosen a better location or could just be in hibernation. If this is the case, when it warms up they will become active again.

  • We remove and exclude without harm to the bats
  • Residential, commercial, & government Buildings
  • We can seal your home against future bat problems, and offer a 1 year warranty
  • We offer Bat Guano removal and clean up

We are a proud member of Bat Conservation International

We are your bat removal & bat exclusion specialists.

Our areas of service include, but are not limited to: Stockton, Fresno, Napa, Modesto, Tracy, Central California, and northern California.

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