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Rod Diehl Pest Control provides humane & effective solutions for all of your bat removal & bat exclusion needs. We will remove the bats from your home or business in a humane way that does not harm the bats. Give us a call at (209) 532-3260 and talk with our professional technicians about your bat problem.

About Our Professional Bat Removal, Bat Remediation, Bat Control, and Exclusion

Rod Diehl Pest Control bat removal professionals will first perform an inspection and evaluation of your current bat issue. Once our inspection and evaluation is complete Rod Diehl Pest Control will seal all the potential openings in your building with an appropriate material. After all potential entry points are sealed to block bat re-entry we then install a temporary one-way door. The one-way door allows the bats to leave and feed, but when they return they won’t be able to re-enter the home or business. All materials used to exclude bats are of the highest quality and are guaranteed.

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Rod Diehl Pest Control Bat Removal Process:

  • Confirm that bats are roosting in your home
  • Identify the type of bat.
  • Locate all bat access points.
  • Create a bat exclusion system to prevent bats from re-entering the home or business.
  • Seal the final one-way exclusion door once all of the bats are gone.
  • Remove the bat guano (if desired by the client)

If You See One Bat, Chances Are There Are More

If you see a single bat in your home/business attic or crawlspace, chances are, there are more living in there. Bats can enter wall cavities and ceilings then die causing odor problems and contaminating the inside of the building. In addition, bats can spread rabies (though rare to humans) and their guano can cause major health and respiratory problems.

Below are a few signs you’re dealing with a bat infestation that will require professional assistance:

  • Noises – bats are creatures of the night, and conduct all their activities in great silence, but you’ll be able to hear them whining, clicking, popping and scratching around when they move.
  • When bats inhabit your property, expect to find large quantities of bat droppings (guano) in your attic or crawl spaces. See photo of what guano looks like.
  • You will smell ammonia. Due to the urine and droppings, prolonged exposure is damaging to your health. Guano lets off a toxic smell similar to ammonia.
  • Dark stains around small holes are from the bat’s greasy coats.
  • You see a bat leaving your home at dusk. If you see one leaving from your home, it is most likely there are others.

Our areas of service include, but are not limited to: Stockton, Fresno, Napa, Modesto, Tracy, most of central California, and some of northern California.


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