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Residential Pest Control

Rod Diehl Pest Control has solutions to help you take care of all your insects and rodents that have become a nuisance in or around your home. All of our pest programs are all inclusive, targeting everything from crawling insects to mice,rats,and even stinging insects. With all pest control services we apply a perimeter barrier treatment around your home and treat all possible pest at there entry points (around doors, windows, etc…) we also offer treatments to mailboxes,sheds, and around woodpiles. Rod Diehl Pest Controls still believes in the Motto “Less is Best”. We use the least amount of material to adequately control your pest problems. We will treat your home as if it was our own.

Our Pest Control programs range from Monthly, By-Monthly, Quarterly and Single Services. Rod Diehl Pest Control is also one of the few companies in our area that offer Pin Point Pest Specific. Services that target the one area you are having issues with not requiring you to treat your entire house at a less but accurate charge. Part of our services is cob web removal we will knock down those unsightly webs from around the windows,eaves and decking. We pride ourselves in only employing experienced licensed technicians that always have time for any pest control questions and needs you may have.

Commercial Pest Control

Rod Diehl Pest Control can help you with all of your commercial pest control needs both large and small. We will design a pest management plan with your business in mind and guarantee results. We offer a variety of programs from Monthly, By-Monthly, to Quarterly. We also offer Single Services to fit all your needs.

Rod Diehl Pest Control knows how important it is to keep your pest under control in a commercial setting. That is why all our pest control services are 100% guaranteed. We pride ourselves in providing high standards in quality and service. Rod Diehl Pest Control delivers the best pest control service in Tuolumne County, using the latest proven technology in an environmentally responsible way and at a fair price.

Bark Beetle Infestation

Bark Beetle infestation is a REAL DANGER in the Mother Lode area of the Sierra Mountains. STOP bark beetles from spreading and SAVE your trees.

Our trees are not out of danger yet…..averages say that for every year of drought, it takes one good year of water. Simple math has showed that we’re looking at 2021 for good healthy trees again. Additionally, during the drought many homeowners and commercial settings went to hardscaping, which introduced new stresses to the trees. Tree care is very important for the life of your trees.

Weed Control Services

Rod Diehl Pest Control is the one you want to call for all your unwanted weeds. We handle any unwanted weeds, along fences, open fields and even around your lawns.

Rod Diehl Pest Control is able to treat small cracks and crevices in driveways, hundreds of miles of roadway edges, and all the way up to large 20 acre lots. Today’s modern herbicides, if applied at the proper time and with the cooperation of mother nature, are long lasting. We also guarantee our applications – if we miss a spot, we come back and retreat at no extra cost to you.

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