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Bark Beetles are killing your trees, but it may not be too late.

Bark Beetle infestation is a REAL DANGER in the Mother Lode area of the Sierra Mountains. Bark beetles are spreading and now is the time to save your trees.

Bark beetles burrow into and lay eggs inside Pine, Cedar, and Cypress trees. Once they hatch, the bark beetle larvae feed on the tree from the inside and burrow out to infest other nearby trees. Infestation spreads quickly if untreated.

If left untreated, entire subdivisions are endangered.

Damaged & dying pine tree from bark beetle infestation, marked for removal

Prevention is key.

Let us help educate you, treat your trees, and control the bark beetles.

Beetle prevention and control

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We now offer tree injections

  • Trunk Injection lasts longer than spray-on treatments
  • No chemicals in the air or water supply
  • Treats entire tree from trunk to leaves
  • Full dose stays IN the tree
  • Long lasting protection and prevention of infestation

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